Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Strange Indeed

The Doctor is in. Ditko, you the man.


  1. Beautiful so much energy on this and the Boxer piece, if you don't mind me asking what do you ink with? It looks like brush would be interested to know how big these pieces are too.

    1. Hey there, usually draw on B4 and ink with Monami brush pen,Zebra brush pen, Kuretake no14 brush pen, Pentel Stylo and brush pen. Then clean it all up as required in Manga Studio.

      Doctor Strange, however, was inked entirely in Manga Studio.

      ( A couple of things help me inking digitally; the first sticking some paper over the wacom tablet's drawing area, it ads traction, helps me alot, the other is a Razer Nostromo game pad. It really helps with shortcuts. I've set up the thumb pad to zoom in and out, for example and there's a fire button which is now gratifyingly set to undo. Helps in Photoshop too.)

  2. Thanks Edmund will we be seeing some more comics soon?

  3. Thanks for mentioning your use of the Razer Nostromo for shortcuts. I can't seem to get used to my Wacom's buttons no matter how hard I try, and I started to think about the possibility of using the Nostromo in conjunction with the tablet. Glad to see someone else doing it already!